Dog’s education

Dog’s education is teached by Jean-louis Aynié, he is holder of the certificate of capacity of canine education, certificate of capacity of education to biting (for dog show only), certificate of education to agility, and he has more than 20 years of experience .

We offer you individual teaching class (on appointment) to solve obedience and behavior problems.

We give you advices to solve annoying behaviors, cleanliness problem, biting dogs, when you buy a dog or a puppy, to integrate your friend in your family ..

On our property , at your place, or in a open space,we give you the necessary bases for your dog to walk with a leach or without, to sit down, to lie down, to come back when you ask your friend can become a happy dog able to fit in any situation.

We can also give you advices for your puppy’s education (from 4 months old) in order to succeed his coming education.

Training for dog owner of first and second category and biting dogs

The law N°2008-582 of june 20th 2008 made the training obligatory for any dog owner of first and second category.

Mr AYNIE is registered for this training.

You can contact us to know the days of training sessions.

Dog’s education

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