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Wellness and comfort

Tuesday 1 May 2012, by Gomis

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All the kennels have a small courtyard tiled with a shelter, adjoining with the sleeping area also tiled and heated. The sleeping area is thermaly and phonicly isolated and close by a door assuring a nice temperature by all weather.

A building is dedicated to host most fragile dogs (young, old, sick or small breed) perfectly isolated with double glazing, shutter, shared and individual heating.

All our kennels have a springer or a basket where you can leave his blanket. This way your dog can sleep away from humidity and air current.

Old trees are there to make shade during summer.

Your dog will be enjoying an individual walk twice a day, in a fenced park, completly free but of course under our control. This will also be time for hugs!

Music is turned on at some points of the day to entertain our residents.

Meals are given according to the breed , the age, the health and your recommandations. For dogs ans cats who can’t eat dried food we can make a special meal. You can also bring his food if you want to.

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