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Physical security

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The property is completly enclose with a rigid fence assuring us against intrusion anf runs away. We are on the property 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to look after all the animals and prevent us from robbery. The area is patrolled by our dogs at night. The buildings were made to offer a maximal security to the animals, nonslip tiled-floor, filled walls to avoid contaminations. For dogs able to jump over 2 metres, we have high security kennels completly closed. For cats two doors at the entrance are there to avoid escapes.

Food security

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To guaranty food security we only buy high quality products and we carefully look after consumption limite date. Food is also stored in a special room so it’s no affected by damp and away from rodents.

Disease prevention

In order to protect all of our residents we only accept dogs with updated vaccination CHLPPI (less than a year) and cats with updated vaccination TCL. Dogs and cats must be identified (tatooed or microship) and cats must be sterilized. We can do small cares (besides veterinarians cares) in our nursery, or our veterinarian can be there really quickly. Your usual veterinarian will be informed.

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